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Saturday, March 23, 2019
The History of Pleasant Hill
Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill is a rural community that is located three and one half miles Northwest of Linden, Texas, on FM 1399. The heart of the community is centered the Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church and was organized in the early 1840’s by Reverends C.C. Clark, Charlie Love, Matt Ellis and W.H. Whiten. The first meeting place was a Brush Arbor. The first member was Pleasant Warren who was the namesake for the community, and Reverend Love was the first pastor. Pleasant Hill is on record as the oldest church in the Unity Baptist Association and the oldest Black church in the Linden, Texas area.




Pleasant Hill Rosenwald School Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony Sunday, October 14
Texas Historical Marker The Pleasant Hill community will hold its Texas Historical Marker ceremony Sunday afternoon. The dedication ceremony will be held at 3:00 p.m. at the Pleasant Hill Rosenwald school which is located at 2722 FM 1399 near Linden, Texas. The surrounding communites are invited to attend.
Click here for directions and contact information.

Pleasant Hill Rosenwal

Pleasant Hill Quilt Club Return from National Rosenwald Conference

Progress & Preservation, a conference in honor of the Rosenwald schools’ centennial brought together 350 alumni, preservationists, and scholars to Tuskegee University. The conference celebrated the Rosenwald school legacy and discussed strategies for giving the remaining historic school buildings re-purposed life. Restored schools serve as community centers, museums and continuing education class rooms.

Participants learned how to work with local legislators, heard reports on state surveys, locating and documenting remaining schools, viewed documentary videos, and shared memories from the past. Eleven Members of the Pleasant Hill Quilt Club and ten other supporters attended the Rosenwald school conference in Tuskegee, Alabama.


The Pleassant Hill Rosenwald school and Underground Railroad Quilters are asking our community for help with our historic school and our education program.

Please consider giving to our foundation.

Levels of giving:

BRONZE:        $100.00 - $499.00

SILVER:          $500.00 - $749.00

GOLD:             $750.00 - $999.00

PLATINUM:    $1000.00 or more

Contact Us for information on how to give. Thank you very much.



A century after Booker T. Washington met Julius Rosenwald and began a partnership for education that changed the nation, we will meet at the campus where it all began - Tuskegee University. The National Trust for Historic Preservation presents 100 Years of Pride, Progress and Preservation featuring education sessions, documentary films and poster presentations, along with hands-on workshops and tours to help novices and seasoned preservationists alike get organized, tackle, and finish their Rosenwald School projects.
Join us June 14-16, 2012 -



Since our community was first settled the key the many years Pleasant Hill has existed has been our familys. Generation after generation, we have produced strong and productive individuals. The challenges African Amercans faced in the south has always been over come by the power of togetherness and unity. To this day, everyone who has grown up in our community has done so because of ideals passed down from those who did all they could to insure the success of the Pleasant Hill community.
Pleasant Hill has been a rock in Cass County since before the Civil War. Year after year, decade after deacade generations have passed through the community. Because of the determination of all who have passed through, the unity still remains to this day. The people of Pleasant Hill have experienced the full measure of life in a southern state. A war to perserve slavery, two world wars, a major economic desaster but through is all the community has remained strong. Our arms are always open to those who at one time or another were a part of our great community.



Pleasant Hill
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